Indigenous-led Climate Action and Planning

Indigenous leadership is essential for a just future, and Indigenous peoples are leading justice-oriented climate action in many parts of the world. And yet the priorities, processes, and timelines for climate justice policy and research in settler-colonial institutions often exclude Indigenous voices, intentionally or not. The partnerships under this research stream focus on supporting Indigenous Peoples’ leadership toward the systemic change needed in every policy arena that touches on climate change. 

Projects and Partnerships

Indigenizing Climate Justice in British Columbia. Partnership with Union of BC Indian Chiefs.  

 Contacts: Jocelyn Stacey, Jessica Dempsey, Naomi Klein 




Crystal Verhaeghe, Emma Feltes and Jocelyn Stacey, Nagwediẑk’an gwaneŝ gangu ch’inidẑed ganexwilagh (The Fires Awakened Us) (Tŝilhqot’in National Government, 2019)


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