Graduate Students

The form below is intended for graduate students at one of UBC’s campuses who would like to affiliate with the Centre for Climate Justice. If you’re situated at a different institution and are interested in affiliating with us, please get in touch via our contact email.

Please read the details of affiliation below before completing the form.

Graduate student community at the CCJ

In Fall 2022, we will be working with graduate student assistants to develop regular engagement opportunities for affiliated graduate students at the CCJ. These activities will be focused on building community among graduate students and between graduate students and faculty; supporting students’ professional development; fostering spaces for sharing and showcasing graduate student research; supporting new and interdisciplinary collaborations; and ensuring graduate student representation in CCJ governance. More detailed plans for these activities will be clarified as we move this program forward. The best way to stay in the loop is to get affiliated!

Responsibilities of affiliation

  • Sharing the mission and principles of the CCJ
  • Participating, as and when possible, in CCJ graduate student programming, events, and activities
  • Advancing the shared research and community engagement goals of the CCJ
  • Fielding occasional requests to review submissions to the undergraduate Journal for Climate Justice 

Process of affiliation

New affiliate graduate student applications are assessed on a rolling basis by the Student Engagement Working Group made up of CCJ core faculty and the Research Manager. Applications are assessed for: 

  • Topical fit with existing research areas or key gaps in research areas 
  • Ability and commitment to contribute to CCJ work 
  • Contribution to diversity of experience and expertise represented in CCJ community 
  • Depth of engagement with climate justice scholarship, including community-engaged research 

Affiliated graduate students will be reminded to request renewal every 2 years by submitting a one-page summary of their research and publication activity in climate justice, broadly conceived. 

There are no specific limits at this stage to the number of affiliated students. 

Graduate Student Affiliation

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