CCJ Strategic Plan

In March 2024, we celebrated the formal launch of the Centre for Climate Justice with the unveiling of our first multi-year strategic plan. This plan sharpens our theory of change, vision, and core areas of our work, enabling us to deliver impactful research and powerful engagement.

We celebrated across two events, starting with an Open House in the CCJ office on the UBC Vancouver campus, bringing together our faculty and graduate student affiliates and other campus counterparts. Our current Co-Directors, Kavita Phillip and Hannah Wittman offered striking remarks honouring the CCJ’s past and future work.  

Our second event was anchored in community-partner relationships. It was a true celebration of existing and budding relationships, we gathered at Faculty Brewing Co. to mingle and discuss future endeavors. A cornerstone of the evening’s activities were the powerful remarks by Candis Callison, Naomi Klein, Jess Dempsey, and Anjali Appadurai. 


We want to thank everyone who helped make this institutional milestone possible! 

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