Narratives, Visions, and Vocabularies of Climate Justice 

Climate justice is not a settled term. Its substance and meaning are currently being contested through diverse struggles around the world: from pipeline resistance in North America to movements against ‘carbon colonialism’ across the Global South; from demands for just transitions for fossil fuel-dependent workers and communities, to resistance against the new extractivisms of the low-carbon economy.

The demands emerging from these struggles are defining the contours of climate justice in the present, and creating new grounds for solidarity alongside tensions and contradictions. The Centre for Climate Justice is committed to learning from these struggles and amplifying the theories, demands, and visions of climate justice emerging from them. This also entails identifying alternatives to false climate solutions that would only deepen inequities and injustices. We engage in this learning through ongoing study collaboratives involving UBC faculty and students, led by knowledge holders outside of the academy; through co-produced research, policy reports, and community-engaged teaching with community partners; and through public events and knowledge-sharing workshops. 

Topics in this Research Stream:

  • Movements for climate justice and resistance to the criminalization of land defenders 
  • Anti-(carbon) colonialism and anti-(eco) fascism 
  • Indigenous and Afro-futurisms 
  • Language and climate justice 
  • Climate, media, and cultural production

Projects and partnerships

Urban Climate Justice from Below. Public Humanities Hub SEED grant.

Contact: Paroma Wagle and Kavita Philip.

Non-material dimensions of Water Insecurity. SSHRC. L Harris, W. Jepson, M. Galvin



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