Emergent Climate Response Research

Emergent Climate Response Network systems diagram, illustrating the different parts of the Emergent Climate Response Network


The Centre for Climate Justice aims to mobilise the research community in and beyond UBC to meet the emergent needs of under-resourced communities as they face the impacts of climate change. We are building a model of co-developed, partnered research, rooted in long-term relationship-building, that bridges existing barriers in access to research services by those who need these services the most. This effort builds on the Flood Response Network, which was launched in 2021 in response to devastating flooding across BC, to create a model of responsive and responsible partnered research that supports the concrete research needs of our community partners.  

We aim to launch the network in Fall/Winter 2022. More information on this effort, and how to get involved, will be available here. Please sign up for the listserve to get in the loop! 




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