Indigenizing Climate Justice in British Columbia

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) and the UBC Centre for Climate Justice will partner to explore a fundamental challenge in climate justice: Indigenous leadership is necessary for a just future, and yet the priorities, processes and timelines for climate justice policy and research often exclude Indigenous voices, intentionally or not.

Indigenous leaders, staff and community members are stretched to address the multitude of crises of colonialism: pandemic, housing insecurity, opioid overdose, criminalization of land defenders, floods and fires. This partnership begins to develop a roadmap for the types of resourcing and process changes that enable Indigenous Peoples to lead in the systemic change needed in every policy arena that touches on climate change.

This partnership is funded by a UBC Community University Engagement Support grant. Starting Spring 2022. 


Jocelyn StaceyJessica DempseyNaomi Klein