New Report with SFU’s CERi: Community Engaged Climate Research Idea Jam – Summary Report

Community-Engaged Climate Research Idea Jam: Report Summary

This report documents a half-day workshop on May 17, 2023 that brought together local organizations/groups, researchers, students, and community members to generate ideas for a ‘climate justice research shop’ – a service model where community organizations can work with students and/or faculty members to develop research projects that address climate-related research needs for free or at a reduced cost.

The Idea Jam and this report will inform efforts at SFU’s Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERi) and UBC’s Centre for Climate Justice (CCJ) to build effective and accessible research service models. The projects envisioned by participants during the event model engagement processes and research priorities that teach us about the needs that research shops can address, and the approaches that will be most impactful. This document will be shared with participants and used by CERi and CCJ staff in their planning toward building responsive and accessible pathways for community-engaged research.